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Hello!  My name is Karen Huffman.  I am a graduate of Clemson University where I completed a Bachelor of Arts Secondary Education program.  I specifically studied the social sciences with a political science and economics emphasis.  However, I have received formal training in all academic areas and instruction of all grade-levels in addition to being a certified secondary educator.

This past spring I taught US Government, Economics, and World Geography at Liberty High School in Liberty, South Carolina.  While there, I implemented standard-based lesson plans, worked with parents and other faculty members to accommodate IEP's, developed an effective classroom management plan, worked on student career preparation as well as teacher mentoring, and fine tuned strong communication and interpersonal skills.

I am currently earning a Masters of Science in Literacy Education and constantly learning the latest learning theories and standards associated with teacher competence in educational assessment of students.

My Teaching Philosophy

The philosophy of education best reflects personal teaching values and emphasis.  The philosophy of educatioin is not universal but rather individually based on the personal attitudes of eahc and every tutor.  I believe a tutor is responsible for not only the specific knowledge associated with the task at hand, but also for the changes the tutor makes in the students thoughts and feelings towards education.

The concepts that compose my philosophy of education best descrive the necessary goals that must be met in order to create a positive learning environment during the tutoring session.  A tutor must encourage the student to be a critical and creative thinker.  Not one student learns the same exact way as another so it is important to explore all learning strategies to find the best one suited for the individual student.  During the session, the tutor must communicate the relevance of the content being taught.  The tutor must be enthusiastic about the content so the student can see the significance of the lesson, therefore ensuring a positive learning environment during the tutoring session.  Most importantly, the tutor needs to motivate the student.  Motivation is essential because it allows the tutor to except excellence from the student, a cruicial factor in maintaining a positive learning environment during the tutoring session.

My philosophy of education best reflects the teaching values in which I believe create an environment that promotes the scaffolding of learning while encouraging students to do their best.


B.A in Secondary Education from Clemson University

Currently earning Masters of Science in Literacy from SUNY Potsdam

Years of experience working with students of all ages

Resume available upon request

Excellent professional and personal references available at your request

Tutor For You * 113 Brady Road * Sackets Harbor * NY * 13685