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If You Study To Remember, You Will Forget. If You Study To Understand, You Will Remember.

Welcome to Tutor For You! On this site, I'll introduce my tutoring business and highlight important areas on the site. Please explore the site to learn about the benefits of tutoring and more about the academic services I have to offer.

A classroom contains many learners with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.  Many students are at different levels academically, behaviorally, and socially.  Teachers find themselves with an increasingly larger class size each year, which lowers the amount of one-on-one instruction the teacher can provide for each student.

 With the lack of one-on-one instruction in the classroom, students can become lost in a room of varying abilities and social behaviors therefore making it difficult to stay on task.  One-on-one tutoring can benefits students of all ages because tutoring gives the student the motivation and support that is needed to understand difficult material.  It also increases the student’s ability to manage their own learning and study strategies as well as helps the student prepare for tests and assignments.  Tutoring complements existing study habits and provides review of course material

Tutoring can also improve student behavior inside and outside of the classroom.   Tutoring improves self-esteem and self-confidence while providing emotional support and a positive role model for the student.

Please explore my site in order to have a better understanding of my teaching philosophy, credentials, and passion for education.  To schedule a free consultation and introductory tutoring session, please go to the contact page.

Why settle for mediocracy when you can strive for excellence?


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